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The small things

on June 17, 2016

.A word for your discernment. Also for someone of 51 and older.
> I have summons great powers for your protection says the Lord. My host of angels are ready with shields and swords.
> Serve me alongside my priests. Serve me on the Sabbath. Relief those who completed their shift.
> I have crowned you as a child of a king. Come out of hiding. Take your place of hpnor. You age does not matter to me. Your assignment and service matter. Others need you to bring them out of oppression. Destroy idols- the things that does not honor me.
> My house is protected- no infighting or rebellion can destroy it. Take care to allow others a piece of my sun.
> I have secured your provision therefore consider the small things that mattters for it will open doors for you.
> Keep your soul pure so that you bring light wherever you go.
> I have place long life in your hands.
> 2 Kings 11:4,9-20; Psalm 132:10-18; Matt 6:19-23

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