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A sign of my goodness

on April 9, 2016

A word for your discernment- where ‘time has slowed down’

At times it feels like progress is slow- it feels like nothing good happens to you or that you lag behind. Friends and family have overtake you and moved on but you are stuck. "What now, what do I do wrong?" , you might asked.

I want you to set your heart and mind on higher things- better things. Give up and get rid of the things that keeps you back- negative thoughts, words, actions. Follow My example- listen to My voice. Keep your integrity in everything that you do. Do not follow the example that the world set for you.

Forgiveness is a powerful action. Forgive those who have hurt, disappoint you- also those who turned against you. Also forgive yourself for your past mistakes and short comings. This will open door for healing and progress- take the first step and move forward.

Put words of wisdom and a song on your lips to express gratitude towards Me and the people that I have placed on your way. Give me thanks as your remind yourself of how far you have come. Do not neglect your offering. Give with a cheerful heart. Follow My instruction of what is valuable and dear to Me. Teach My people My word so that they can be restored.

I see your arrogant enemies but I have heard your cries to guard your life. Love and faithfulness will guide and strengthen you and you will overcome. You will reap a good harvest- your provision is secure. I give you the promise of peace. Righteousness will triumph as a sign of My goodness.

Col 3: 1-17, Psa 85, 86; Ex 25:1-22


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