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Defend your position

on March 3, 2016

A word for your discernment.

The Wind is a sign of my presence but also a sign of Me fighting for you. Know that the enemy will flee. You will have abundant showers of My blessing and mercy. I have provided for your needs and your lack. Winter will be tough but you are under my protection. Winter is the time of your survival and victory. Connect with Me daily in Prayer and Fellowship even though you might find it hard to express yourself at times. Stubbornness of loved ones, those who matter in your life will cease. You will receive nightly visions of Me. Listen to My voice -listen to My instructions and My promises. Allow fear to go for you have new things before you that you need to do -new challenges that you have to overcome. You are going into transition -into new territories and new avenues- a new place or circumstances. You will have to leave or let go of some familiar things to make place for the new but you will be in good care- in good company. You are a shepherd, who will look after My flock in time of lack, struggle and plenty. Your work of your hands are blessed. I have ensured your provision. What is rightfully yours has been released to you my grace will carry you. Do not be afraid or hesitant to explain or defence your position. Do everything with love for My wings will shelter you. Defend your position.

1 Corinthians 9:1-15, Genesis 46:1-7, 28-34 Psa 68

God Bless


2 responses to “Defend your position

  1. N. says:

    God bless you. May He be there for you at your points of need. Remain blessed.

  2. tracy frazer says:

    Thank you! I saved several of your prophetic
    writings, and I read your story. As a person who has operated in the prophetic relm, my spirit bares witness with yours. Many, if not
    most, are not operating in true humility, out of God’s heart….sad, but true. The heart of God, and his voice is flowing through you paired with extreme wisdom. A true enemy of the demonic, and alli of heaven.

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