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In Your Defence

on April 24, 2015

A word for your discernment – also for someone who fear men/ people

I am greater than all things- all men- all people. Do not fear men but put your trust and faith in Me. I am your fountain of truth and will reveal all truth. I have everything that you need or want. Ask of Me and will give you all that you need. Do not waiver in your faith therefore watch your words.

Obey Me and belief and I will save you from harm.

You’re moving or distancing yourself will not change things. I am still with you- distance cannot change this. I am your strength and your help. I will strengthen your faint, fluttering heart and remove the feelings of being overwhelmed because of troubles and cares. I am your Rock and Safety from enemies and powers. Keep Me in your heart and I will keep you under My wings.

You are reminded of your vows, which you need to keep for blessings will flow from it. Declare them again and renew/affrim your covenant with Me. I have added years to your life and have safeguarded your generation. I have seen your deed , your praise and your faith for My eye keep watch over you.

Silently wait on Me to rescue you. I will act in your defence and refute lies and deceit, which they want to use for your eviction or against you. Nothing will stand against My plan and purpose for you. Receive My success. I will reward you according to your work.

Send an reply if this message has encouraged you.

John 3: 31-36; Psa 61, 62; Dan 2: 31-49


5 responses to “In Your Defence

  1. James Tigo says:

    Amen! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  2. Richard Marin says:

    THANK YOU – for all your thoughtful words – they are inspirations from God’s heart to mine. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Your words have guided me through the storm and my Christian walk and physical health is being restored. I AM GREATFUL for your ministry and for your Words of life.

  3. the word witnesses to me. I recently started praising and worshipping God again and giving God priority. I am encouraged

  4. edward says:

    praise lord, god is speaking through you..this message is engouraging me thanks. god bless. bro. albert

  5. tavara morris says:

    Good MorningThis message has surly blessed my soul, thank you very much!

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