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They are safe in My care

on March 19, 2015

A word for your discernment- also to encourage families who lost a loved one in a recent tragic accident.

We preach, we warn, we teach in all wisdom so that we may present every man perfect in Christ. (Col 1: 28)

You have many questions, many objections, many tears. It’s is all too sudden for he or she is still too young to leave this earth. There were many promises made that is now unfulfilled. Many dependants are lost without this loved one. You asked yourself : “ Who will take care of them now? Did I show appreciation for the little things that was done for me?" You say with tears: “If I knew I would have done a few things differently. “

This was what I saw whilst pondering as I interceded for who hurt and struggle with the tragic death of a lost one. As I put certain questions to the Lord I saw an elevator in old hospital who has 10 floors. The elevator was full of people and the buttons for the floor were jumbled. I saw this hand trying to push the button for Floor number 7, but the elevator went right down to the Ground Floor. Again the hand tried to push the button for Floor number 7 but the elevator went up to heaven without stopping.

The upper stories of his home are in the heavens, the first floor on the earth. (Amos 9: 6a).

Your loved one wanted to exercise their choice of where they wanted to go or where they wanted to be but I have taken that control away from them. I have decided where they will serve Me. I will take care of those whom they have left behind. I will provide and protect them as I have done with you. Do not cry for them for they are safe in My care. Their struggles are over. I have brought them into My rest. They are not alone for they are joined by many who love them.

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