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Prophetic Word: Protection from Accusers

on December 30, 2014

A word for your discernment- also for some one who are involved in a court case or legal battle.

I have seen your tears, fears and frustration. My compassion will carry you and I will fill your void – as sadness goes, strength will come. Feelings of disjointedness mark your days-as if you are traveling in fog. You therefor doubt My hand on your life but do not let dismay overtake you, feel secure for I have you in My mighty right hand. Attend these fellowships, which you have avoided for I will remove pride and shame. Your currently experience the wind from the front, which continue to move you two steps back whilst trouble follow you like waterfalls. Know that I have come through for your daily- therefor sing your praises in the evening- do not allow you praises to be silenced.

Fill your life with frills and things of beauty and give rise to your creative nature. Create new things- new life, new thoughts, new paths, new words of wisdom. Consider your past as a part of your life that has formed you and grounded you. It was instrumental to your faith therefor it will always be a part of you.

Remove doubt from your heart for I have not rejected you but have shine truth and light on your life. My face shine on you and My shield protects you from your accusers. I will save you from persecution and protect you from accusations. Cling to My mercy and grace for I have called you for higher ways.

In Me you have found a Counsellor that rule with justice and goodness. The ruling will be in your favour at the cost of the accuser. Your burdens will be removed and the case of the enemy laid bare; weaknesses will be exposed and evidence will be found insufficient to convict or to assign damages against you- the ruling against the enemy will be unexpected and will come as a hard blow to them.

I have declared a time of harvest for you. All your seed will produce a harvest that brings much joy. I will extend and increase you and move your borders. You will have what others claimed as theirs. I have given it to you- land and or inheritance.

Psa 42 & 43; Isa 9: 1-7; 2 Peter 1: 12-21

Send me a reply if this message have encouraged you or confirmed your situation.


5 responses to “Prophetic Word: Protection from Accusers




    yes i feel this word is for me so be it in JESUS NAME be you blessed this day hour and year

  3. Vara says:

    Thank you Rachell. This word was like fresh water to my soul. God bless you sister. New Year wishes to you.

  4. shakeema harris says:


  5. JV says:

    The last paragraph was confirmation for me.

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