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Prophetic Word: Break down any walls

on November 27, 2014

A word for your discernment – also for a single person 31-40 years with concerns about marriage and love

You want to love and want to have the security of a partner. Hugs and warm embraces that suit your needs are lacking. I will increase My love in your life as you continue to look for the special partner. You are in need of more love and care for you deserve more- asks for more – open yourself to more. Breakdown any walls that prevent you from receiving the best.

You have a lot of room in your heart for children- equip yourself to raise babies.

Practice attentive listening. Many misunderstanding and disappointment occur due to lack of attentive listening. Quiet your spirit as you practice listening to the physical message but also hear the spiritual message and movement because of these messages.

Wait on Me to show you My plan and purpose. My plans top your many plans. Block the constant voices of friends and family in order to listen to My voice for direction and guidance.

Romans 15:21-24, Matt 6:21, Luke 18:16


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