A bible study or word for the day to inspire and restore.,


on April 23, 2014

A word for your discernment – also for a male age 31-40

Strengthen your walk in My way. Check your walk in this world. Keep your path straight and narrow and your eyes focus on Me. Guard your heart against stubbornness and rebellion. As you watch your thoughts and words your heart will become lifter. I will lift you up and raise you higher. I will fill you with My grace and mercy so that you cover others with MY love therefore guard your heart against blaming of others.

Love and Charity: You have a big heart. Poured your love to people near and far, people close and distant. Continue calling more love to your heart and allow Me to fill you afresh. As your pour out, I will fill.

Studies: I see your incomplete dreams and goals, which I will bring to fulfillment. Give your time, put in the effort for it will bear fruit. Do what you love.

Job: You are cut into two with indecision but I will give you direction. I will bring you the peace of My decision. Focus on Me.

James 1: 6


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