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Prophecy Request : On time

on April 15, 2014

A word for your discernment

Lift My name higher and your problems will become smaller. I have seen your financial gaps and will provide for you on time. Your whole life is about timing. You loose things and relationships from time to time– even some of your memories are lost but you will be restored on time. Your tiredness will go and be restored by new strength – on time.

You have experienced many frontal attacks and therefor had set your jaw as you have erected walls of protection in your life. I will remove the enemy and his constant attacked on the things that you value. I will soften your heart and restore your public image.

I have opened your heart for care of kids or children that your treat as grand kids. I will restore love, order and honour. I will remove the ties that keeps you from moving forward – ties that slows you down from achieving your goals. Keep your eyes on Me for progress. I will teach you strategies that will enable you to reach that goals. Spend time with me so that I can show you how.

Speak life and health over cheek bones and sinuses. I have healed you.

Follow my example of a humble servant. I will lift you up. Consider and keep the spiritual promises and oath that you made.

I see the desire of your heart for more love of a partner and friend. Ask Me and I fulfill your hearts desires. I have for you the better portion.

1 Sam 9: 23


3 responses to “Prophecy Request : On time

  1. Jack says:

    Your prophecy was really on time and spot on. Today i gave notice to cut ties with my employer.

  2. Gina says:

    the LORD truly speaks through you. The Word of Prophecy is always, always on time!! God Bless you.

  3. vanitha says:

    God bless you Prophet,Firstly I want to thank God for your obedience for responding so on time I must say.I believe that God is using you in a mighty way an His favor is upon you. Wow I am blown away by the accurate word from the Lord. Everything detail about my life was spoken an its the first time I ever received so much. I am so blessed about all the confirmations. Once again I want to say thank you Jesus an thank you prophet.

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