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My time of cutting and raking is now.

on March 7, 2014

A word for your discernment- also for an institution of learning or market place – this word covers a group of people of which you might form a vital part.

I bring this message with a heavy heart as I struggle to bring encouragement and comfort without changing his word.

My people repent, return to me and I will heal your land ..

You have allowed the spirit of indifference , fatigue and laziness to move in and to grow and flourish. Hostility reigns and actions show spirit of immovability that leads to painful and inflamed jaws and teeth. The negativity in this place make stomachs turn to knots and give rise to fear, anxiety and other nervous or systemic disorders. Symptoms of nausea and vomiting that you blame on stomach bugs visit your institution frequently. Lungs and airways are blocked and infected because of the deep rooted brooding darkness. Bitterness takes over as flames of shame because of improper deeds are evident on red necks. Speech reflects lack of pride and loyalty.
Stop shoving others, give them a bit of sun in order for them to live. Leave some of the goodness of the land for those weaker than yourself. Pull colleagues together as a team so that pride and loyalty increase and reluctance and laziness can flee. Even though many want to leave this place I will keep you there until the assigned time.
I will strengthen weak legs for positions of leadership in order to stand firm. Bend your knees in prayer for the team so that I can remove the chaos and confusion. Call to your place of work humbleness and wisdom with the same tone and attitude that you would call your kids. I will put greediness for status, power and money to an end so that exploitation can stop. My people will live by my grace. Increase my light at this place. Increase my power in this place.
Yes I have heard your prayers which found me impatient. Know that I am at work in the heat of summer up till the cold of winter. This is a time of torture and torment. I will cut off 2+ young shoots [ =who are the youngest or were last in/ not working at this place long]. I will remove 2+ branches [ = older persons or persons who were first in/ working at this place for a long time].
I will allow you to see the river [destructive people] that divide you- see them for who and what they are – see the forces behind them. See the many messengers running whilst bringing and taking messages with their twisted tongues. See the many leaders with their self-promoted status who reigns by fear. See them with my eyes for in my eyes they are but insects with an aggressive language that no one understands. They do not have the approval of me nor their peers or community. Their plans carries no weight nor approval. Their lofty plans fail because of lack of buy in or acceptance.
Silence mouths of those that laughed and rejoiced.
Offer gifts and sacrifice of heart and mind so that circumstances improvement in autumn and spring and the torment of summer and winter come to an end. My time of cutting and raking is now.

2 Chronicle 7:14; Isa 18


One response to “My time of cutting and raking is now.

  1. fabiomedina5@gmail.com says:

    Thanks, I am at Afghanistan and for IT requirements of securty they block must of the pages. Can I asked if there is any chance to get this as a plain text in my emials.I really want to read it.All mails are extremely good for me.The Lord is talking to me through your discernment.

    Thank you.

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