A bible study or word for the day to inspire and restore.,

A time of quiet and calmness

on February 6, 2014

A Word for your discernment.

Dark clouds around you has been lifted. Your days of sunshine are here. Shake tiredness and strengthen weakness of knees.

No more mourning , hardship and tears. Tune your aching ears to me so that I can fill your ears with my word.

I will speak and you will hear my voice. Get rid of the old things that you cling to- the things that cannot help you in your journey ahead -and make space for the new things that I want to bring to you, teach you, new things that you need to experience..

Time of peace quiet and calmness will come. This is a time where you build relationships in your home. It is a time of caring and sharing. A time of laughter and joy. I will restore you and you will be stronger than ever.

Nobody can condemn or accuse you or bring charges against you. I have wiped away guilt and shame.

What you lack I will give to you, you need to only ask. Your prayers and petition will change your hardship into victory, your distress and lack of adequate provision will flee. I hold you and your family together.

Nothing matters, no material things matter if you do not enjoy life. Seek joy, seek me and all the other things will be added to you.

Ecc 6: 1-3; Rom 8: 31-34


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