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Prophetic Word 2014- for Men

on January 16, 2014

A word for your discernment- It takes a man to do a man’s job.

2013 has left you angry and unfulfilled. You perceive yourself as small and not contributing or making a difference to life and to lives of others. I will allow you to see the bigger picture because your contribution is part of my bigger plan. Put your anger behind you. Forgive those that you blame and step into my victory. It is now our victory.

I will use you and other people for my glory. Consider all the other people that I have used and consider the part that they played in your life and in this world . You are all part of my body and will all share in my glory.

The weapons that you will use in 2014 are offensive weapons. They will help you to chase the enemy instead of standing without hope. Do not trust your feelings of tiredness and fatigue. You have strength because I have clothe you with new strength so that you can fight and overcome.

Many will refuse your request for provision, resources and replenishment, but I will feed and restore you. I will encourage and strengthen you. For the battle is mine. Do not look to other people, partners and neighbours for assistance. I am your partner, your redeemer, your friend. Continue to move forward in faith.

You will start your battle, your race, your venture together as a group but you will leave many behind, some because of tiredness, some wounded, some will give up, some will move on and some will die. I give you the element of surprise, the advantage. You will have the right questions to bring knowledge and wisdom. Ask me to prepare your questions for the strategies will flow and follow from the answers to the questions.

You will be granted the opportunity and platform to reign over the enemy, your circumstances, your partners and to reign over those who oppressed you. You are given the tools to go into foreign and protected territories. I have brought you into manhood for you fulfilled the expectation of man doing a man’s job.

Judges 8


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