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Prophetic Word 2014 – for parents of your children age 18-35

on January 13, 2014

A word for your discernment

I have bring praise to the hearts of your children. I have opened their eyes and ears so that they can see my way. You have tried to teach them but you did not have much success. I will teach them and write my ways on their hearts. I will put my ways in their mouth. They will rise up and join other in my house in praise and worship.

I have removed strife and sadness and has replaced is with joy and singing. Joy will overtake them.

You have called for a judge for your child– a judge that is fair and merciful, a judge with compassion and grace. You asked for these things knowing that the case has no merit. I have heard your petition. I am the judge that you have called for. I have new mercies every morning. The mouths of your child will be filled with praise.

Up to now the labour of your children did not produce much but I have now brought them into a new season, as season of plenty. This season will bring forth good crop and a good harvest. Call friends and family to share in their harvest.

Leave left-overs for the weak, the needy and the poor. I have blessed the works of their hands so that they can have plenty to give. I have blessed them and brought them increase so that they may serve as a living witness for me.Their lives will bring others to me.

Psa 67


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