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I have you covered

on January 10, 2014

A word for your discernment — concerning direction and broken hearted

* Continue to take care to keep the Sabbath Holy as I have asked you to. Spend time with me on the Sabbath. Put me first and the rest will fall into place. Progress and breakthrough will come. Also spend time with family. Do not allow the pressures of this world to determine what to do with your time. Balance is key.

Your right arm show tiredness because of your lack of focus. Put more time into my work. Build a deeper relationship with me and tiredness will flee. Draw near to me. Ask me to refill your cup. I will refill your strength so that you can do what I have assigned and purposed you to do.

Lift your hands in praise and worship. As you lift my name I will lift you up. I will exalt and promote you. I will promote you in your house, family and in your world. Others do not see or hear you but I will change their hearts so that they hear and see you.

Continue to carry the burden for the lost.Submit your petition about them to me. Some of them do not know that they are lost. Pray for them daily– keep your prayer list and record the many answers to your prayers. Your list of the lost is long but I will choose and save them. You are my mouth in this world.

The Holy Spirit is very active around you –I will alert and tune your senses to him.

I will draw you closer to me for I have chosen you. I have you covered .. you are protected. You are protected from the accusations and grumbling against you. It will cease. Watch your fruit — watch your words, watch how you react. Continue to show others the way to me.

Your breakthrough for protection and prosperity lies in servant-hood– serve me and serve others. Serve others as I have served you. I continue to gather your family and your extended family to you.

Bring the people that have wronged you in the past to me. Do not deal with them yourself. I will restore the blessings and remove what hinders your progress.

Finance: Wisdom is your treasure . It will change and improve your finances. Asked me for wisdom and I will give it to you. Be faithful in all your ways – it helps you to keep your faith.

Be diligent, hardworking and wise in saving and storing as well as in spending and giving.

Num 15: 32; Num 16:5, 2 Sam 21: 1-3; Prov 4: 5-8; Prov 5: 7-10; Prov 6:6*


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