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Prophetic Word for 2014 – For families

on January 4, 2014

A word for your discernment

Sing to me my child for you haven’t sung for me in a long time. You feel desolate and alone – you feel that you do not have any one to call your own. Sing to me for I will give you more children. You will have more children than the perfect families, which you admire. You will have more children than the one who has a husband or a wife. Children who are not your own will call you mother or father. Children who were alone will be adopted by loving parents—your age does not matter for even in your old age you will find a loving person that will be like the mother or father you never knew. A loving father or mother – a person you can call your own.

I will increase your territory and make you bigger- stronger – greater. Your relationship and time with me will also increase. You will have a deeper , stronger relationship with me. Your increase and prosperity will come . Stay in me. Rest in me.

Your children will be great and they will reign over nations. They will rebuild ruins where others said it is impossible to restore or rebuild. They will bring new life to dead things, dead areas, dead services, dead businesses. Restoration is in your blood—like it is in mine. Your children will enjoy the fruit of their hands and the fruit of the land. Fruit and harvest [ growth/income/increase/results] will spring up where it has never been … spring up in unexpected places. Your children are blessed with wisdom and skills. Declare the wisdom and skills that they possess. You have what you speak. You have what I say you have.

Shame fear and scorn are things of the past. You feelings of devastation after you have lost so many things—so many things were taken from you—these feelings are things of the past. You are in your recovering season. Your felt lost, weak and vulnerable after the loss or separation of partner [husband or wife]. I am your maker, your partner, your husband. I will give you security, provision and new joy. Your sadness prevented you from hearing or seeing me. Your prayers seemed unanswered but it was because you lacked the expectation of getting answers. You have received what you have asked for but in your sadness you did not notice. Now you will hear and see me. I have never left. I am still near to you- I have not moved from you. You are going into a new day. A day of seeing me, hearing me, knowing me.

Your world [life] has been flooded and washed away once before. I have made a promise not to flood it again. I am a man of my word. I changes not. You are on dry land.

Your ruins and your life will be rebuild with precious stones. Your gates of shinning jewels will invite and bring many people to a place of comfort and rest. Stop splitting your “head” and stop worrying about people’s lives and problems. I have them in my hand.

The destroyer of the past year will be left with only useless weapons for you have entered into a time of rest…a time of peace. You have entered into a time of being unafraid.

Isa 54.


One response to “Prophetic Word for 2014 – For families

  1. shakeema harris says:

    Pray for me daily thank you.

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