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Prophetic Word: Crown and Glory

on December 19, 2013

A word for your discernment – also for person with a job serving others

* There is a delay in terms of what is yours — you do not receive what is yours in a timely manner. It feels to you as if you cannot be heard [ voice is silent/does not carry weight]– as if you do not receive answers to your prayers. Ask me says the Lord and I will release what is rightfully yours. You will receive it on time. Step out from the shadows. I will make you bold and confident in your ways. I have cleared the way for you.

Listen to me and not to others. I am always speaking to you but you are not always listening to me. Because of this you make mistakes. I will open your ears so that you hear me with clarity.

Stop fretting about your future for your future is in my hands. You cannot do anything for yourself. Leave your future in my hands.

You have unanswered questions. Increase your visits to my house. Your questions will be answered in my temple. Hidden and secret things of your life will I reveal to you in my temple.

Continue to bent your knees in prayer for others. Continue to serve others.

What work are you doing — do you have a job in the hospitality industry [ hotel/restaurant] – I see you serving others.

In life/relationships you must be careful who you serve or submit to. I have given you dominion says the Lord. I am giving you boldness and confidence. The people that you submit to are not your source for they cannot give you anything. Their promises to you are empty and will come to nothing. I am your source. Look to me for what you need and want. You will lack nothing.

Command anger tendencies to flee. Stand firm. Ask me to melt your heart. I will soften your heart and give you gentleness. I will increase your humility. A soft voice and heart calms many brooding storms. Submit your mind and emotions to me. I will renew your mind.

You are your parents crown and glory says the Lord. They are proud of you. Strengthen your relationship with them by drawing closer to them or those that are like parents to you. Are both you parents still alive?

You can have the crown of an over-comer , a victory crown but you need to be a witness to me. Reach out to others and witness about the tests that you have endured. Witness of my goodness.

Do not wait for others to pick you out of the dust- pick yourself up by changing your own circumstances. I have already anointed you and given you a crown. I have not taken your crown back. You are my anointed child.

2 Sam 11: 20. Rev 3: 11 {7-13} *


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