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Personal Prophecy – Feast on the top of the mountain

on December 13, 2013

A word for your discernment about work and ministry.

I have open your spiritual ears so that you hear my voice with clarity. Continue being obedient to me and continue to take and accept responsibility for all your actions for you will give account for all your deeds. I am your reward.

Strengthen your walk in the spirit for your are a light in dark places. Do not allow works to become a bondage to you. Do not allow anything to take over your life– works are not the most important in your life — your family are after me the most important in your life. Hear the calls and need of your family. Spend more time with your family– they need you.

You have good intellect and are able to analyse complex issues. Ask me and I will give you clarity of mind and greater wisdom.

I need you to turn a page – move on to new things. You have the grace of intercession – the grace of praying for others. Spend more time in prayer – more time in worship – more time on your knees. You will lead many in worship. I will be present as you lead them in worship and prayer. Many will breakdown and fall on their knees and I will then rebuild them and bring them to me.

You are a powerful intercessor. Your prayers hinders and destroy the plans of the enemy. Your prayers heals the sick and the broken heart. You might not hear their testimony but I bring the result. I stand on my word. You must continue to speak my word. I will allow you to hear testimonies of healing and victory. Know that I have all your tears and all your words. I hear you when you call.

Your plans for your future is in my hands. You will be amazed to see your petitions fulfilled. Your time of prosecution and attacks had past. I have kept you hidden until now but you have reached the top of the hill. You have overcome. You did not make comprises so therefore you can now feast on the top of the mountain.

Phil 3: 2-3; Isa 21: 11-12.


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