A bible study or word for the day to inspire and restore.,

Rise above your circumstances

on December 4, 2013

A word for those who are concerned about a loved one or who are held back because of their circumstances.

Sing to me about my steadfast love. Sing to me about your salvation. I have made a covenant with you to establish your family forever. I have restored you and build you. I will build your family.

You have allowed the enemy to pour lies in your ears. These lies made you think that you are not worthy of my love. Your position in me was established long before you were formed in your mother womb. I love you. I have chosen you for you are fearfully and wonderfully made by me. Continue to meet with other believers. Do not allow discouragement to remove you from these meetings.

Answer the enemy when he tries to put lies in your ear. Answer him when he tries to make you feel unworthy of my love. Stand fast. Stand firm in my love.

Your circumstances are terrible because you are unequally yoked. This does not determine my love for you or whether I can use you. Look at Hosea. He was unequally yoked and I used him mightily. My love and grace for you does not change. Know that you are not responsible for their deeds. You have brought them the light but they have not accepted the light. Continue to stand in the gap for them.

Carefully consider the things that brings balance in your life. Trying to do more for me will cause neglect to your family. I have instituted families – therefore take care of them. Rest in me.

You need a fresh anointing to fill the emptiness inside you. Find a stream of running water or pray over a glass of water if water from a stream is not available. Pray over the water and fill yourself with what you need …fill up with more love…more grace…more self-control .. more faith …more joy….more peace. I will fill you afresh.


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