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Prophetic Word: Step into the Light

on November 15, 2013

A word for your discernment

I continue to search for you even though you feel like moving away from me or hiding from me. I know your secret thoughts and I know what you want to say before you say it. Tell me what’s on your heart. I know your feelings of unworthiness and your fears. I set aside your fears and guilt if you tell me about it. You are worthy of my love and you are redeemed from your guilt.

Rise up – out of your hiding place. I have tucked you in from behind and from in front. You are safe and secure in my care. Do not fear for my hand is upon you. Know how it feels to have my hand on you. Learn the difference between my hand and the hand of your enemies. My hand bless and empower, my hand add and multiply.

Ask me for knowledge so that you may understand my high thoughts for you. Ask me to show you how you look through my eyes.

Know that you cannot go anywhere without me. You cannot separate yourself from my spirit. I came to stay. Instead of trying to flee from me you need to run to me in your darkest hour. Your sin is not higher than my blood and your guilt does not come from me. Let go of the things that are not of me. Step away from your dark thoughts- step into my light. Stay hemmed in from behind and from the front. No one can touch you in my hand.

Psalm 139

God Bless


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