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Prophetic Word: Hindrance to progress

on November 14, 2013

A word for your discernment

You are experiencing blocks or hindrances in terms of progress. Whatever is in store for you are hindered or delayed. Put everything not from me under your feet.
You have a heaviness on your eyes ( like blinkers or some blindfold[ spiritual]/ spectacles [physical]). This relates to your impaired physical vision as well as your lack of clear spiritual vision. I heal both your psychical and spiritual vision by removing the veil (membrane/peel). I also remove the heaviness on your eyes, which brings on excessive tiredness – a tiredness without cause, which does not allow you to live your life to the fullest.
I want to increase your discernment but can do this as your obedience increase. Listen to my voice and obey me every time not only sometimes. I move you to higher hearing and listening and higher thoughts.
You struggle under heartburn and “spill over’’ of the things on your heart. Remove the excess baggage from your heart—remove or release what you need to get off your chest. Talk to whoever you need to talk to. Stop putting it off for it affects your health and your walk with me. Let go of these feeling of hurt, disappointment and rejection. Do not allow pride to stand in the way of your progress. Failure to resolve this in private will soon lead to public embarrassment and outbursts. Repent…forgive… lease…move on.
I want to pull you closer to my side. I want to have a deeper relationship with you. A relationship of love , grace and divine protection.
I want to give you a clear vision—a vision to what is in front and a vision of what is pursuing you from behind. You feel things creep up on you without warning or without you ever suspecting that there might be a problem. I need clear spiritual vision as well as a vision for your life. Knowing what you want to do with your life is important. Make your vision plain by writing it down. Write down where you want to see yourself in 5 years’ time. Write down how you think you will get there. Give your vision and the desires of your heart to me. I give generously out of my riches in glory.
Your fear and anxiety manifest as persistent coldness and or shivering of your right arm, which are even worse on your left arm or left side. You have frequent visitations from the spirit of death, which are visible in attacks on your health, life or near escapes from injuries or accidents. You state that you are accident prone.
I will reveal to you the point of entry or root cause for these attacks. Renounce…repent.. command the spirit of death to go in my name. Speak health and longlife over your life.
I have dealt with your finances.

1 Sam 4: 13; Acts 7: 26; Matt 6 : 12; Psa 86: 17; Job 34: 32


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