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Personal Prophecy : The Gift of Prophecy

on November 14, 2013

A word for your discernment

You have asked about your ministry and prophetic gifts. This is what I heard.

Desire the gifts of the Spirit. Prophecy is one of them. Prophecy is one the gifts that forms part of the foundation of the church. You keep on seeking for confirmation but I have given you confirmation by my Word. You have also received confirmation or signs through a dream or vision. Recall your dream or vision and ask me for revelation and I will make it plain for you.

I am very active around you – always at work around you. You get some answers from me before you ask for I know your heart and your desires. Your rumbling tummy is not hunger pains but it is a persistent hunger for me – a hunger for more of me—more of my Word. Fill your ears with my Word. Fill your mouth with my Word. Listen to what others have to say about me . Listen to how they worship me.

The prophetic is a power gift- a speaking gift. I want you filled so that you can speak. Your ears have a sense of wetness or being filled with water. Unblock your ears by avoiding the impurities of the world, which you allowed access via your ears. What you receive from the world seems pure but it is not of me and blocks what I need you to hear. To prophecy is to hear clearly so that you can speak what you hear me say. If you lack hearing clearly you cannot speak. You have seen how people jump on one foot after being in the water thus to remove the water from their ears. Jump on your left foot to unpluck your ear and to remove the muck of the world from your ear.

I say again that you have received confirmation about your gift through the Word. Do not limit me to one gift, which is the gift of prophecy. You will find yourself alone in many situations and you will then need more than one gift. I give what you ask. I give what you desire. I want you to ask for more. I want you to desire more. My children are suffering for you ask for too little to help them. My gifts are not for you but to help them.

Watch me, mirror me. I have placed others in your path that watch me. These people are mirroring me. Watch them. Mirror them. I have given you help and discernment. Your time is now. You will see the sign that you have asked for.

Move your face—your head from side to side –all around to see the people’s need for encouragement. They need to be build up. Do your spiritual training—do your spiritual exercises – exercise your faith. The race is on and your time starts now. Ready… set…go. ..

1 Cor 13: 2, 1 Cor 12: 10, 1 Cor 14: 1-3; Acts 2: 17-18


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