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Prophecy request : Move or Stay

on October 21, 2013

A word for your discernment

For widow or single person who is feeling uncertain about whether to move or stay.

I see a balloon rising – for your spirit will be lifted and you will soar high above your challenges. Your spiritual life will take flight as you allow God to be your guide.
I see your pantry or your grocery cupboard for the Lord’s divine provision is yours. I see red flowers [or roses] in rows and I see you in purple – a child of a King.

I hear Italy [ a place similar ] —what significance does this place have for you. Where did you wanted to move to ?

I am counting my people for I have given rest to my people. I came to live in Jerusalem forever. Ask yourself where is your place of rest. Where is your Jerusalem. I have surrounded you with young ones of 20years and older who you can count on. Do you not see them. Up to now you have moved about quite a bit. Did you and your husband see your current place as a of a place of rest, a place where you can grow old – a retirement place.

Your place of your old age is the place where old women and men sit along the streets – a place where you can walk with a cane- a place filled with happy kids, boys and girls who plays till dark. Look around you – what do you see.

Your sign to move or to stay is a place of peace where the old enjoy their porch. Your sign is kids playing without fear. Your sign is young adults of 20 years and older lending a hand to you – young ones you can count on.

Look around you for I have open your eyes to see whether you should move or stay.

1 Chr 1: 23, 25; Zec 8: 4-6.

For personal prophecy request click link: http://wp.me/P1j85b-8E
God Bless


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