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a Season of trials

on August 28, 2013

Expect a season of trials then rejoicing and increase of faith will follow. You are about to be refined by fire but you will come out as gold. During this time increase your praise and glory to Me. I will come through for you every time.

You will experience a night season characterised by a season of tears but know that I am with you. Keep on speaking joy over your life.

The enemy is spinning you stories and you feel a noise or ringing in your ears because of all his stories. Do not listen to him for you are still in a night season – keep your focus , stay alert and vigilant – I am with you – focus on Me and you will walk on water, you will withstand any fire.

Do not feel discouraged, isolated or alone for there are many of you in the same boat- this boat are marked to be refined by fire. Increase your faith for this boat is marked for greater praise, greater glory, greater honor.

You have seen a glimpse of a better season but your night season has not ended yet. Take courage for I hear you. I am still on the throne.

Built your faith by filling your ears with the Word—fill your ears with Me.

Today I dry your eyes for your eyelids are already dry of all you’re crying. You have no more tears left. Move away from the ways of the world, move away from the darkness that wants to reach out to you.

I command you return to Me. I command you follow in My fathers footsteps.

Shake your clothes and coverings of stubbornness. Come into my sanctuary and serve me whole- heartedly. Feel the knots at the back of your neck for these are the signs of stubbornness and stiff necked-ness.

I have for you a new season of rejoicing, a season of increased faith, a season of refinement by fire. More praise, more honor and more glory is waiting after this.

[ 1 Pet 1: 3;  Psa 22: 2, Matt 14: 28-31; Dan 3: 17 ].


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