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Psalm 35, 2 Samuel 17:24-18:8, Acts 22:30-23:11.

Today’s reading in Psalms is about calling on or reminding us of the steadfast love of the Lord, which does not ceased. His love for us continues in the midst of trails and temptation. His love sustains us when the enemy plot against us. I also was reminded of Martha who worried about many things and how Jesus spoke to her about the better thing, which is to sit at his feet (Luke 10:41).

2 Samuel 17 reminds us of David’s love for his son Absalom, in spite of the conflict between them. True to David’s nature as a parent he expressed his wish that no harm should come to his son.

Acts 22 speaks of Paul’s hardship in Rome and how he caused division amongst his accusers, the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The prophecy on Paul’s life as indicated in Acts 9:15 came to fulfilment.

But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel.

In light of these scriptures we praise God for his unfailing love and his divine protection over our lives. We also ask God blessing in order for us to stay true to our calling to go and carry the Lord’s name to the ends of the earth.

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Do what is right

Jesus walked with his disciples and the Pharisees observed that he did not reprimand his disciples for not washing their hands or not following man-made traditions. Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees and those who follow the tradition of Elders by saying that they were hypocrites. The reason for this was that the Lord’s laws and instructions supersedes man-made traditions and customs.

We often follow the traditions of men and we forget what the Lord wants from us. We use the Word out of context to enforce what we are saying and to rationalise our actions, though we know we are wrong.

Scripture tells us about honouring our parents as well as caring for the weak and the poor. We are grateful that God reminds us of that. Scripture doesn’t say give all your things to the church or poor nor that we should forget that we have other responsibilities. God does not want us to hide behind man-made traditions as an excuse for not to do what is right. Today we therefore have the opportunity to reflect on our lives and to be grateful for the reminder that God can change anything and everything in our lives.

We ask God to speak into our hearts so that we commit everything to him- especially our relationship with parents as well as the poor and marginalised. We recommit to do whatever is required in accordance to his way- not our way and will.

We thank God for caring for us in spite of our rebellious actions and worldly wisdom. We leave the burdens of man-made traditions behind us and stick to God’s will and rule in our lives. We thank God for the opportunity to follow him with our whole heart and his help and divine guidance to do what is right.

Mark 7:1-13

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We put everything under our feet

God made the sea creatures and the birds on the fifth day and then he said that everything was good. Scripture reminds us of God’s creative power and nature. God wants to create beautiful things in our lives. He wants to bless us with his creation but we sometimes neglect to see the beauty around us. This is not deliberate but our problems make it hard to see the light through the darkness. Therefore, whatever is going on in our lives we are reminded today that God has the ability to change everything.

Psalm 8 calls us to look to the heavens and to ourselves with the hope that we stand amazed at his wonderful works. We ask God to open our eyes to enable us to see the birds and fishes- the beauty of the earth. God also made us beautiful, full of potential for love and growth, for transformation and peace, for prosperity and health. As we wonder why God has made us the way he did, we recall that when God looked at his creation he said it was good. This reminds me of the song ‘Creator King’, which has the following words: “Who am I that you are mindful of me? Who am I that your love has set me free?”. These words stir us to proclaim God as our Creator King. We know that we are made a little lower than the angels and that we have the ability to glorify and to honour God. He puts everything under our feet and therefore we can speak to and remove mountains and problems in our lives.

We praise God because we know that he is greater than all our problems and that we have the ability to overcome whatever life throws at us.

Genesis 1: 20-2:4a; Psalm 8

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Come and see

1 John 3:11-18; Psalm 100; John 1:43-51

We are reminded that we belong to God who created us. We give him thanks for that. Scripture tells us to love our brother. This include our biological and spiritual brothers, infact even our enemies. The righteousness in our hearts should help us in doing that. God place that love in our heart. Jesus laid down his life for us because of his love for us. Our walk and talk must reflect our love for others.
John reminds us of how the disciples were called. Phillip and Nathanael saw in Jesus the fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets. Phillip called Nathanael to come and see.
Today Jesus calls us to, "Come and see."
Come and see that Jesus have great things instore for us and that through the love that he has placed in our hearts we can love our brothers and sisters. Come and see that we belong and are accepted and loved by his family.
Come and see the wonderful plan that God has for your life.

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Invite life

A word for your discernment- also for someone who consider facilitation or training opportunities

Invite life and ask Me for help with the things that you struggle with, so that you may taste and see my goodness. Allow me to fill your hands and heart with what you search and need. My eyes are on you, My face shine on you, My ears are open to your cries. Meditate on my goodness as you seek me with sincerity of heart. Spend time with me in isolation so that you find clarity. Yes, you will have afflictions but I will save you from all of them.

Seek My peace amongst friends and colleagues so that you may move forward. Steer clear from a spirit of judgement, which might cause more damage than good. Somethings are better left things unsaid- so trust that it will be changed through fervent prayer.

I will increase your teaching and facilitation skills so that you will excel in equipping others. My Spirit will guide and direct your steps so that you are able to step through open doors in order to grab opportunities.

Psa 34; John 7:14-30; Wisdom 2-3

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Experience the joys of your youth.

A word for your discernment- also for someone who have to face accusers.

Do not worry about what to say because I will speak for you. Your accusers make a lot of noise but without substance. Your intercessors have confused the plans of the enemy. Do not slack- keep watch for they are not satisfied how things have turned out.

When in doubt, stand on the oath that I have made with your forefathers- a promise of blessings and prosperity. I am the one who gives life. Hear my voice through My Word. Your hope should be in Me- not in the people who will defend you. You can do nothing on your own – my strength will carry you.

I have surrounded you with others that have your best interest at heart. Therefore feel loved and secured. Fellowship with others will go along way. Do not be afraid to be different for you are part of a team- each one will bring the best of their talents and together you will be able to bring whatever you plan to completion. Appreciate your uniqueness as well as the talents of others.

Your support when those around your are suffering would mean a lot for when one suffers, you all suffer. Make use of opportunities for celebration in order to spread the joy. To celebrate is to bring Me praise for all the goodness that you have receive.

I will renew your strength and allow you to experience the joys of your youth.

Ps 103:1-12, John 5:31-47; 1 Cor 12:12-26

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Sign post

A word for your discernment.
For some one who lost the way, also for the one who struggle with feelings of guilt.

Put up your sign post , study the road map so that you can find your way home. The time of scattering has past. Look up from what is distracting you for I have made a new thing. The sins of your father has been removed. Your decisions count because you stand on your own two feet.

Accept My love, riches and wisdom. I have not change. I will continue to counsel you even though you struggle to see my plan. The sign post will lead you home. Continue on the path.
Stop doubting and receive the news for it is the good news that you have been waiting for.

I confirm your calling. Step out in faith. Connect with your mentor. Growth and strength will follow.

Close your ears to those who want to make you feel guilty. My gifts are free- you do not have to work for it.

Follow the sign post and collect your gifts on your way home.

Psalm 106:1-24; Jeremiah 31:27-34; Romans 11:25-36.

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Renew your concerns

A word for your discernment – also for someone who are worried about employment and grandchildren .
Your concerns about your circumstances needs to be renewed . You will have an opportunity to show how much you care and to extend a hand to those in need and to those you love . Your kindness will not go unnoticed . Act on My guidance.
I will credit your account in relation to your deeds, your concerns and your gifts-
therefore do not stop listening to my directing.

Goodness and prosperity will come. You will not be shaken by bad news and your family will be well cared for by Me.
I will raise and restore you and I will give you new strength because you have renewed your concerns.
Take care of your heart , keep it pure and sincere . I have entrusted you with other people’s possessions, which you need to keep safe in order for yourself to prosper . I am trusting you with my love and with my children . Renew your concerns for my world my children and my possessions.

Phil 4:10-20. Psa 112, Luke 16:9-15

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Bread of life

A word for your discernment. Also for a person that are on the brink of losing his or her job.
Times are hard and you feel very insecure. Anxiety disturbs your thoughts. You’re not sure how you will be able to feed your family ,pay your bills, or survive for the next couple of months.
Know that I have not leave you nor forsake you. Your help and substance did not come from your job. It can never be your source. I am your source.
I am your bread of life. I will take care of all your needs. I will bring to life things that are hidden, things that were kept secret.
When pressed or shaken you will stand firmly. When you fall I will pick you up. You will remember my words, my instructions , my principles.
I will shine light on your path and guide you daily. You will receive assistant and support from many guardians. Many eyes will be on you and I will continue to lift you up. I will bless you so that you become a blessing and encouragement to others.
I will continue to grant you the desires of of your heart. Fill yourself with my words to carry you every day. Quiet your heart, your mind and you’re fluttering hands.
Remember your past prayers. They have carried you during many difficult times and they will do so again. Continue to praise and bless me in spite of your circumstances .
My goodness will follow you all the days of your life.

1 Corinthians 4:6-15 , Psalm 145 :14-21, Luke 6 :1 -5

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The small things

.A word for your discernment. Also for someone of 51 and older.
> I have summons great powers for your protection says the Lord. My host of angels are ready with shields and swords.
> Serve me alongside my priests. Serve me on the Sabbath. Relief those who completed their shift.
> I have crowned you as a child of a king. Come out of hiding. Take your place of hpnor. You age does not matter to me. Your assignment and service matter. Others need you to bring them out of oppression. Destroy idols- the things that does not honor me.
> My house is protected- no infighting or rebellion can destroy it. Take care to allow others a piece of my sun.
> I have secured your provision therefore consider the small things that mattters for it will open doors for you.
> Keep your soul pure so that you bring light wherever you go.
> I have place long life in your hands.
> 2 Kings 11:4,9-20; Psalm 132:10-18; Matt 6:19-23

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